Remote Adventures - Escape City


Remote Adventures

Now you can play our adventures, virtually, from anywhere!

Join your family and friends in a Zoom meeting room and our game hosts will stream a live video of the physical escape room so that you can explore the space in real-time. Pick up and examine clues in your digital inventory to solve the puzzles and escape before time runs out.


Two remote adventures to choose from:

The Cabin

This must be one of the worst storms on record, there is so much snow you can’t see more than a few inches out your front window.

Suddenly the phone rings, and it’s your good friend Alex. They were out hiking when the storm hit and now find themselves exposed to the elements and kilometres from town. Suddenly, Alex spots a small cabin in the woods, and you encourage them to head that way. “Wow, that’s lucky” says Alex as they walk through the front door, and then the door locks behind them…

Frank’s Revenge

It didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, Uncle Frank died and you all made a deal with his lawyer to steal a little bit more of his inheritance. At first all was well, and you were rich, but lately things have been getting a little bit… strange. The lawyer is dead, and now your cousin Kris is sick. It looks like dead Uncle Frank has cursed your family from beyond the grave.

According to Kris there is a way to stop the curse if you can get to Frank’s mansion, but with all the COVID-19 travel restrictions it’s just not possible to gather everyone there. Fortunately Kris’ sibling Jordan lives nearby and is willing to head to the mansion and call you all from there.

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