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About Escape City

At Escape City we bring stories to life.

Escape City was started by five friends who played an escape room and fell in love with the concept. In 2014, Escape City opened because we wanted an opportunity to push the boundaries of what escape rooms could offer, and create world class escape rooms right here in Canada.

Fast forward to the present day: Escape City has hosted more than 250 000 adventures, and team-building events for hundreds of organizations. Our team has grown, and we continue to develop innovative new experiences and expand into new markets.

Never played at Escape City? Here’s an overview of how it all works:

First, choose an adventure. At Escape City each escape room has a unique mission to complete, so pick the one that suits your group best. Soon you’ll be in the middle of an exciting story that will have you finding the pirates treasure, escaping from the creepy cabin in the woods, infultrating a mysterious corporations, or something else creative and fun.

Next, jump into the adventure. Each escape room is meticulously crafted by our team of carpenters, engineers, film and theatre professionals, and game designers. When you step through the door you’re transported into a different world, and the movie-quality set make you feel like you’re living the story.

Finally, become the hero. We’ll cue you up with some brief instructions and then give you a unique objective that your team will need to work together to accomplish. After that it’s all up to you (Well, almost: Our game hosts will be watching and are happy to help you along if you decide you need it), can you complete your mission before time runs out?

It’s social, it’s challenging, and most importantly, it’s fun.

Adventure Awaits

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